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Dallet Band

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A new release from Jeffrey Dallet and his band (Dallet Band) brings out a series of fresh singles and honest perspectives.

The Acid Tongue album is a new step for the songwriter and his crew as the record boasts a refreshing set of songs that have a personal touch.

"This record came about from years of observing and experiencing this thing called loneliness. I had written the songs over a period of time, and our band at the time did a fantastic job of filling in the colorful additions to help the songs come to life. People have told me it's a pretty dark record, but as you said there is still humor in that darkness, and I think there's hope in there as well." - Jeffrey Dallet

Jeffrey Dallet has an arsenal of songs behind him both with and without the full band and they all have a way of showcasing different sides of the artist. 

The Acid Tongue record is a testament to where he is at with this sound right now. 

The band is performing live, and it seems that's where his heart really is at when it comes to the music. 

"I play a lot of performances at senior centers, assisted living facilities and memory care facilities, I've been doing that for the past year and it's one of the most rewarding experiences I've had playing music. To see people, light up and recognize a song from their past when they might not be completely there mentally from whatever their affliction is, makes me just feel alive in ways that don't usually happen while playing. The elderly ladies will come up after the show and say things like "We just had the most wonderful time singing those old songs and it means so much that you come to play for us." it almost brings tears to your eyes, because some of those places aren't in the best shape and the people aren't in the best shape. If I can bring an hour and a half of happiness to them, then that's worth everything. I'll also be going on a solo tour this summer starting in August along the west coast and southwest."

Jeffrey is now seeking reviews and interviews to promote his release. 


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