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With the release of "Meant to Love", Courtney Jean takes the best parts of several genres and builds a sound all her own. Laced with addictive melodies, warm undertones, and plenty of character, the single boasts the aesthetic of pop coated Americana anthems. 


"Meant to Love' tells the story of missed connections and the complexities of relationships. It explores the uncertainties of love, life, and loss in a forward yet touching way,” explains Courtney of her latest single. 

Although the track speaks volumes for the artist, listening to her previous release, "eyelash" is an absolute must in order to get a better feel for what she has to offer and what to expect mor of in the coming months.

Raised in a small town and a very musically driven household, Courtney Jean embarked on a journey of self-discovery through sound and music.

After relocating from the country of New England to San Diego, the artist began performing at open mics and collaborating with other artists and songwriters. It wasn't long before she was hooked.

In 2018 Courtney was re-introduced to the farm. In the southernmost corner of San Diego, she discovered Wild Willow Farm and began to pave an understanding that the way our food system is currently going will not successfully sustain life on earth as we know it. A fire was lit within her, the type of flame that lasts a lifetime. It was clear that her path was to use music as a tool to support this movement.

It always comes back to the similarities of weaving songs and sowing seeds. Courtney’s passion for songwriting and farming is symbiotic; the two influence each other. It is within the raw moments of a long day working with plants and picking up the guitar, tired with calloused hands, where her story begins to be told.

From there, she moved to Los Angeles and found solace in the rustic embrace of Topanga Canyon, a haven where her country roots intertwine with the pulse of the city. 

Her most recent releases are a testament to where she is at with herself and her music right now. 

"As I continue this winding path of musical evolution, I find myself consistently drawn back to my origins. When I left my hometown, I explored diverse genres—R&B, pop, soul, jazz—yet with each twist and turn, I rediscovered the essence of my musical 'come from'. Now, as I am on the precipice of a new chapter, I return to my roots as a Country Folk singer-songwriter. With each chord and lyric, I am trying to weave authenticity, maturity, and clarity honed through years of exploration. The forthcoming release of my new music resonates with a sense of fulfillment and purpose, embodying the culmination of my artistic journey." says Courtney of her evolution as an artist.

Both "Meant to Love" and "Eyelash" are available on most major outlets for streaming and download and Courtney is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 


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