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With the release of the Notes from the Universe album, Collide brings out a series of dark edged singles that cross boundaries from alt-rock to industrial and plenty in between. 

The first single "Freak Like Me" grabs you with drifting guitars and a vast tonality that swims around you and slowly takes over.

Although the singles speak volumes for the album, to get a full understanding of where Collide is really coming from, the album should be heard in its entirety. 

"The essence of COLLIDE is the coming together of two opposing entities to form a symbiotic whole ... combining the female and masculine energies, the cognitive and the subliminal, the strength and the mystery." explains the band of the concept for the music.  

"Typically, I love to listen to a song for the very first time and just let whatever flows out.  Then it will take a while to take shape and to finally get somewhere that I like where it is going.  I wish it was easy—it is easy to sing to anything—but to get something that I love is hard.  I get bored very easily and can write 10 or more different songs until I am even ready to share something with Statik." says songwriter and vocalist kaRIN about gaining inspiration to write new material.

Once upon a time, somewhere around 1992, two people met at an industrial dance club. One was very thirsty, so they asked the other to get them some water. After the liquid reached the glass, the two began a conversation, which became a friendship, and then formed a creative union.

The creative union became what is known as COLLIDE. The primary core of the Los Angeles based duo is Statik and kaRIN. Statik is responsible for the sound orchestrations and overall production. kaRIN takes care of the vocals and lyrics.

Having released a massive catalogue of albums, remixes, and collaborations, the Notes from the Universe album is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now. 

The album is available on most digital outlets for streaming and download and the band is already working on new material for upcoming releases.  


To learn more of Collide please visit:


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