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Chris Sloan

With the release of "Cover Me", Chris Sloan takes a fresh approach to an alternative rock single. Laced with addictive vocals, vast undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of singer songwriter anthems. 


"The Candlebox Cover in all honesty started several years ago, just by being connected on social media with Peter and other members of Candlebox because we have worked with the same people in the Seattle music scene.  So, we had been circling each other for quite some time, knowing of each other but not really working with each other.


   Several months ago I posted a video of me playing and singing live in my apartment, my own reimagined rendition of Cover Me by Candlebox in which Peter Klett watched and commented that it sounded great slowed down and the style I performed.  That prompted me to actually write/record an actual home demo of my version complete with guitar, vocals, harmonies, etc.  After I finished the demo, I sent it to Peter via Facebook Messenger, not even knowing if he would listen to it. 


Well, he did and contacted me saying it was such a unique and interesting version, that he thought I should record it and release it.  With that advice, I asked him if he would be willing to track lead guitar on it, and to my surprise he said yes.  After tracking was done and we listened to several versions, Peter decided he wanted to mix, master and produce the track as well,”  explains Chris of how the song came to be. 

Chris Sloan began writing his own songs at age 19 without really having much knowledge on structure, lyrics or arrangement but over the course of his life he has dedicated his time to the craft and has since found his unique approach as a songwriter and vocalist. 

Staying true to himself and his style of songwriting, he has worked to perfect his approach and has delivered releases he is proud to call his own. 


After releasing several singles and a full-length album, Chris is preparing a few singles leading up an EP later this Summer.

"Cover Me" is a unique approach to a classic rock single that was a major hit and is set for release May 17th followed by the first single from the EP "Embers in the Wind" set for June 10th.

The new single and upcoming releases all serve as a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 

"My first record was very produced.  Dramatic.  Big instrumentation with grand piano, real string sections, etc.  For this EP, I wanted to keep the songs more intimate in how I originally wrote them on acoustic guitar.  I wanted to songs to be honest sounding, and to not over produce the songs to keep them intimate, melancholy and relatable.  I wanted to write lyrics that people could visualize in their heads, or lyrics that listeners could apply to their own life situations or emotions. Specifically, over the last 5 years, my sound has evolved into a very heartfelt, intimate, moody, haunting style which I am absolutely passionate about," says Chris of how his sound has evolved.

"Cover Me" will be available for streaming and download on May17th and Chris is readying for the next line of releases throughout the coming months. 


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