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  • Love Letters To The Dead - Album Cover

Iconic 80s Power Ballad "This Time Love" receives stunning reimagining by Chloe Clemente. 

After four decades of lying dormant in a vault, the timeless anthem "This Time Love" by songwriters Billy Purnell and Bob Emmet is reborn through the soulful interpretation of rising star Chloe Clemente. Originally penned as a declaration of choosing love over conflict, "This Time Love" resurfaces with renewed vigor and relevance in today's tumultuous world.


Clemente's rendition breathes new life into the song's core message of breaking down barriers and embracing love as the ultimate unifier.


"This Time Love" transcends its origins as a power ballad, evolving into an anthem that speaks not only to the essence of marriage but also to the universal bonds shared by people and nations worldwide. It encapsulates the narrative of coming together at "love's table in the round," advocating for dialogue and understanding in the face of adversity.


At its heart, "This Time Love" champions the virtues of selfless commitment and sacrificial love—a poignant reminder of the enduring power of love as a force for positive change.

Chloe Clemente’s musical journey began when she was very young and by the age of 14 she was already performing in bands and singing as much as possible. 


Since then, she has played for crowds across the United States and has graced the stage of such legendary venues as The Whiskey A Go-Go and House of Blues among others. 


After spending the past 6 years playing in bands Chloe decided to begin her solo career with her first release in 2023 called "Angels Cry" to rave reviews. 


With people around her telling her pursuing a solo career would be too hard; she took her own path and looks to inspire others to follow their heart and do the same no matter what anyone says. 


"Love Letters to The Dead" serves as a testament to where she is at with her sound right now. 


The single is available on all major outlets for streaming/download, and Chloe is always working on new material for upcoming releases.


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