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With the release of her brand new, full length album Machismo, Cherry Luna takes to genre crossing to create her own brand of soul pop. With powerful vocals, outlandish production, and a real pop sensibility, the album brings a fresh and bright new pop style to the table. 

The first single, “Don't Say It" hits hard with it's 90's pop groove and R&B vocals along with its building arrangement that lets the song breathe.

"It’s a tongue-in-cheek song. It’s making fun of myself and my desperate need for male validation (especially for my physical appearance/sexual desirability.) It’s natural to want to be wanted, but to obsess over it isn’t healthy, nor particularly feminist (can o’ worms indeed). But often we’re harder on ourselves than the others we know." explains Luna of her single. 

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Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Cherry Luna is coming from, Machismo should be heard in its entirety.


"Machismo has been in process since high school. In between working on this project I’ve made and released a few others. Much quicker turnaround. In 2019 I did about five albums from scratch. But Machismo has been much more of a daunting task, a ticking clock if you will. I’m absolutely elated to be finished recording it and to be putting it out this year. It’s about friggin’ time." says the songwriter of creating the record.


The story of Cherry Luna's musical journey started in her youth. Raised in a very musical family, she was brought up in an old school R&B and contemporary gospel atmosphere in particular. 


Playing piano and singing since she was incredibly young, Luna was recording tapes of songs when she was only 5 complete with the air conditioner humming in the background.  From there things grew and songwriting evolved. 


Machismo will be available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets later this year.  


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