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Chelsea Lyn Meyer


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With the release of "What You're Doing To Me", Chelsea Lyn Meyer brings a fun, high energy pop feel to rock music. Laced with addictive melodies, a bright undertone, and an impactful chorus, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative pop rock anthems. 


"The song is about feeling that crazy physical, sexual and emotional attraction to someone when you first meet them or connect with them and having to navigate through those new feelings of want and need." explains Meyer of her single.

Although the track speaks volumes for the artist, to get a full understanding of where Chelsea Lyn Meyer is really coming from, her full catalogue is a must hear. 


"I really started to write more honestly and write songs for MY voice and not someone else's or what I thought my voice should sound like. I don't have a typical female singing voice and it took me a long time to embrace that. I really stopped trying to write what I thought people wanted to hear and started writing what I wanted to express and how I wanted to express it. " says the artist of her evolution in songwriting.



Chelsea Lyn Meyer has had her share of performing and songwriting with other bands in the past. She started her musical path writing, singing, and playing guitar for the band 2AM. 


After the band broke up, Meyer decided to change direction and began writing and recording original songs as a solo artist. 


Her first single "Between The Lies" was released in 2014 and was the start of the artist finding her own unique sound for herself. 


The single followed by a few others were all beginning to get notified and were charting on internet radio stations in NY, Nashville, and Philadelphia. 


After those releases she began working with producer Mike Wuerth at Long Island Sound Studios in NY and put out several more singles and shot her first music video for the song "California" released in 2019. 


In 2021, Meyer released "Miss Me Too" along with a music video and the track was making waves on indie radio top 10. 


Her latest release "What You're Doing To Me" is a testimonial to where she is at with her sound right now and the track was also released with an accompanying music video. 


"What You're Doing To Me"  is available on all digital streaming outlets now and Meyer is always working on new material for upcoming releases.


To learn more of Chelsea Lyn Meyer please visit: Chelsea Lyn Meyer


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