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With the release of the "Burn" single, cameron lane takes a fresh approach to pop music and gives the song a life all its own. Lush with beautiful vocal melodies, a bopping groove, and a youthful feel, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie pop anthems. 

"'Burn' is pretty much about watching people having fun through social media and being bitter about not being included in it, even if what they’re doing is pretty self destructive. There’s this internal battle between wanting to be there, just wanting to not care about it, but also wanting them to crash and burn (no pun intended lol)." explains songwriter lane of her single. 

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Although the single speaks volumes for the artist, to get a real understanding of where cameron lane is coming from, her previous singles "Stupid Happy" and "Make Me New" should be heard as well.


"Honestly I'm just kind of doing whatever I feel is right at the moment! Stupid Happy is cute and small, which I tried to reflect in the production, as compared with the triumphant, explosive sound of Make Me New. Mostly, my evolution is coming from learning more and more about how to produce and mix as well as I can so I can be self-sufficient in that area!" says lane of her growth as a songwriter.

Having a passion for music her whole life, cameron lane has been singing for as long  as she can remember. Writing her own music for  over 8 years, it didn't take long for her to realize she wanted to be an artist. Once she began recording songs at home, Lane quickly fell in love with the idea of taking what was in her head,  and bringing it to fruition. The process became cathartic for the artist. 


At 13 she released her first album quietly on Bandcamp and even though it has since been removed, it drove her to continue recording and releasing material as often as she wanted. 


As she continues  to work on songs and hone in on her recording technique Lane hit a sweet spot with her "Make Me New" single release last year and "Stupid  Happy" was the next to follow. The song serves as a testament to where she is at with her sound right now. 


"Stupid Happy" is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the artist is already set to release a new single this spring. 

To learn more of cameron lane, please visit: https://cameronlane.bandcamp.com/