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With the release of the Children of the Sun album, Buddha Boy AKA Bodhi takes a fresh approach to hip-hop and builds a sound all his own. Laced with addictive melodies, honesty, and plenty of character, the album boasts the aesthetic of genuine underground hip-hop anthems. 


"All of the songs are personal. They are about my experience throughout the years of traveling. This record contains my reflection on things that all conscious people face every day of their lives: protest against injustice, falling in love, seeking the truth, fighting for human rights, and at the same time remaining positive, peaceful, and spiritual, ranging from rough rap lines to mellow dreamy vocals," says the artist of the album. 

Buddha Boy AKA Bodhi paved his musical way from the Ukrainian ghetto to the international underground music scene. 


By focusing on conscious lyrics and fusion of experimental vocals hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and electronic music, he presents himself as a unique artist who works with well-established musicians worldwide.


Having worked with names like, Mahesh Vinayakram and Don Husky to name a few, the Children of the Sun album presents an array of his best work and is presented with true vision, riddled with personality, truth, and self-expression.

"It took me 4 years to get the music ready, to write the lyrics as I was traveling, connect with featured artists and make a complete picture out of it," explains Buddha Boy about the album's creation.


The record serves as a testament to where he is at with his music right now.


Children of the Son is available for download and streaming on all major outlets and the artist is always working on new material for upcoming releases.


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