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Brian B. Thomas

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With the release of "Everybody Talks", Brian B. Thomas takes a fresh approach to a pop coated soundscape with addictive melodies, plenty of character, and an honest approach.

"The song is about tuning out the voices that like to discourage you from pursuing what you know to be true to yourself. It's about fixing your eyes on things above and only worrying about the opinion of God rather than other people who might not even know you personally or have your best interests in mind. This song came from a place of experiencing people from my church and faith community spreading rumors about me and my beliefs. Everything I create is rooted in my faith, even if it may not be polished and packaged the way a church community might resonate with or appreciate," explains Brian of his single. 

Although the single speaks volumes for the artist, to get a full understanding of where Brian is coming from, his other releases are a must hear. 

The musical journey of Brian B. Thomas began in church and school settings. Growing up participating in musicals, concert choir, and jazz band.


Brian developed his sense of artistry in those places along with playing drums and singing from the young age of only 3 years old.


 Having the desire to write own original music and perform after being inspired by artists like OneRepublic, Gryffin, Jon Bellion, and Tye Tribbet, the artist recorded his first single in 2022 called "U-Turn" drawing inspiration from his faith in Jesus Christ. 

"Everybody Talks" is a testament to where he is at with his sound at the moment.

"My sound has definitely evolved from starting out as synth 80s pop with my EP called "STOPLIGHT" to becoming more drum focused melodic pop with my upcoming EP called "FRUIT PUNCH". My style of production is very percussion focused with keeping the melody of the vocals memorable. I would say the vocal sound I am aiming for is a blend between The Weeknd, Zayn, and OneRepublic," says Brian of how his sound has evolved.

"Everybody Talks" along with his other singles are available for streaming and download on most major outlets and the artist is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 


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