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With the release of The Awakening album, Breath of Illusions takes a fresh approach to an alternative rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of heavy rock anthems. 

This album has seven instrumental songs; it was recorded in 2021 and released as an album on December 22/2022. Each of the songs has a particular meaning and intention, some of them are ballads like Memento and Breath of Illusions, other have more intense riffs and melodies with a heavier sound and more dynamic arrangement like Out of Nowhere and Scenes from a Future Memory; the other three songs, The Awakening, Just Believe and Dreams of Fortune, have a more commercial. sound, with cool, catchy modal and tonal harmonies, and guitar solos.

This album represents an evolution in terms of its arrangements, level of complexity and overall sound. The album was produced by me in Colombia and Joaquin Rosson in Argentina. The recording process took place in two main locations; I recorded each of the demos and the lead guitars in his personal studio in Colombia, the rest of the album was recorded in Argentina, where Joaquin made some adjustments in the arrangements, recorded the rhythm guitars, and coordinated with Federico Casañas and Ramiro Agudelo the sessions to record the drums, piano, keyboard, and bass.

For me as the composer and producer the highlight of this album is its musical evolution and progress when I compare it with my previous album and with other songs that I have written for other bands. Conceptually speaking it represents me as a person and as a musician, it shows me that if I put the effort and energy in one goal I will be able to accomplish it. I love the harmonies and melodies that I wrote, and as a friend told me, I love to be able to make my guitar sing in every song. That’s the feeling I wanted to portray and reflect," explains songwriter Juan Alvarado.

Breath of Illusions is the brainchild of songwriter and guitarist Juan Alvarado who picked up a guitar at the age of only 10 and always showed interest but it wasn't until a good friend showed him songs from bands like Metallica and Guns N' Roses that things really changed.

For Juan, hearing the guitar solos and songwriting really hit him. 

Taking classical guitar lessons to broaden his musical horizons, he learned more about the ins and outs of guitar playing but put his music on pause to become an engineer.

After some time in his career, he decided to stop and go back to his true passion. Soon after, he decided to apply to Berklee College of Music and was accepted. 

After studying music there in Boston for 2 years, he returned to Colombia, but it still took about 10 years for him to begin on his solo artist career. 

When the pandemic began, he took the time to work on his first release. Recording, composing, and mixing his songs at his home studio, the release was complete. 

From then on everything changed and he has continually worked on new material since. 

The Awakening is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 

"The Awakening' is my second album which has seven instrumental songs. It is an evolution of me as a musician, composer, producer, and guitarist. Musically speaking the album is far more complex and interesting than my first album. I tried to create songs with catchy melodies and cool harmonies. I mixed tonal and modal harmonies, and almost every song modulates to different keys.

My goal is to create music that satisfies me as a musician but also that has a meaning for the listener. Each song on the new album has a particular meaning for me, and objective in terms of the sensation and feelings that he wanted to transmit," says Alvarado.


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