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With the release of the Sucrose album, Blue Wisteria takes a fresh approach to an alternative and indie-pop style. Laced with addictive melodies, dream like undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of youthful rock songs. 

"My good friend and longtime collaborator Ethan and I had been discussing getting some of the newer Blue Wisteria stuff recorded for an album. He studied audio engineering at The Evergreen State College where we met. In fact, he was the original drummer for Blue Wisteria. He flew into LA from NYC on two different occasions to record us in Glassell Park at our current drummers recording studio. First in May 2022 for 3 days and again in January this year for a week. Since we were so limited on time, we spent anywhere from 10-14 hours in the studio each night. HA! Teetering on the edge of madness, yet undeniably thrilling and incredibly satisfying to say the least." explains the band of how the album came to be. 

Although the singles speak volumes for the band, to get a real understanding of where Blue Wisteria is really coming from, listening to the full Blue Wisteria album is a must.


"Somewhere between reconciling my relationship with music and enrolling in a music theory class where I met Ethan, he has consistently been supportive of my work, helped shape my musical direction, and encouraged me to start playing shows. Initially, I performed under my name, Glo, and later as Blue Wisteria when he and I began playing together. We booked a post-graduation summer tour that was supposed to go down in June of 2020. Our new bassist Shelby would be joining us, but it understandably fell through in the Covid Blip.


I moved back home to LA in Nov 2020 and frequented places like the Sunday open mic nights at Canter's Kibitz Room on Fairfax, as well as other shows. Community is everything to me, it’s important to be immersed in it.  It was awkward for me at first, but eventually, you find your people." Says Glo, explaining how it all came to be.

The Blue Wisteria album is a testament to where their sound is right now, and the band is getting some fresh upgrades as they get ready for what's next.

You can listen to the full Blue Wisteria album on all major streaming outlets.

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