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With the release of "Vampiric Waltz", Black Vatican takes a fresh approach to a dark edged rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the gothic rock anthems. 

Although the single speaks volumes for the band, to get a full understanding of where Black Vatican is coming from, there are other songs that should be heard. 

"Vampiric Waltz is all about unity with the night and man-kind, about looking beneath the surface of a situation or a group of people and seeing for who they really are, not what others may claim them to be. We used the example of romance between a human and a vampire; the vampire guides the human through a dark forest to his manor. The whole time she feels that the rumors people said about him may be true, that he may hurt her or worse. But as soon as they entered the manor, the whole place lights up with beautiful portraits, candles, paintings and was filled with many people. Everyone dressed in fancy while dancing the waltz; a mix of humans and vampires alike enjoying themselves in an all-inclusive safe space they can call home. She then realizes that the only reason why people spoke ill of him was because those were the only type people left in the outside world, for everyone else with a kind heart resided in the manor with the vampire. This was a strong creative combination of all the band members where the elements of the night brought by Cole blended well with the "Beauty and the Beast" poetry of Erick and Alex." - Black Vatican

Thier songs hit theatrical undertones and a beautiful but dark vastness that create an engulfing aesthetic and it all comes through with a powerful tonality and drive. 

Welcoming you into their world, Black Vatican delivers symphonic and impactful sounds while telling stories and while doing so, they bring a gracefulness to metal and hard rock but are expansive in their songwriting and approach.

The love for creating these musical pieces is strong in all releases and "Vampiric Waltz" is among the latest in the endevours of Black Vatican. 

"When we first started, we had a darker goth sound with a lot of aggressive symphonies and a vibe of doom. Once Cole joined, we added aggressive guitars and faster drums to add more energy to our music. It wasn't until recently we changed to a classier sound with the right balance of symphonies and metal. Best way of explaining that is literally by maturity alone. One tends to have a more aggressive mindset when they're younger until they learn how to either get past their demons or learn to balance their emotions and mind. Creating such a balance can help one create something more beautiful than ever expected, for their eyes are now open to new possibilities and perspectives. A balanced mind helps one evolve; you can't stay the same way forever, if you do, then evolution is going a bit too slow for you," the band explains of their evolution musically.

The song is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now. 

The song, along with all previous releases is available for streaming and download on all major outlets and the band is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 


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