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The latest release from Bade brings out a classic alternative rock tonality that encompasses other subgenres bordering on things like punk rock and pop rock as well, but it's all done with this particular edginess that gives you a staple feel for what the band is like.

The self-titled Bade EP consists of four tracks but feels absolutely massive with very dynamically pinpointed base tones that give a raw but thick edge while vocals are melodic but riddled with swagger and character and the guitars are played with an aggressive but perfected style.

From the depths of the furious ashes rose three power-house players. BADE began from the ending of one journey and the beginning of another. These members start- ed as the core three members of Columbus based “Dance Furiously” in 2018.


As the

pandemic began, they branched off to form the Hard Rock sound they now tout. Since then, over 65 new song ideas have been catalogued, one single released, one four song EP released, and their first full 15 song album is set to be recorded Summer 2023.

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