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With the release of the Songs of Feeling album, Anton du Preez takes a fresh approach to classic composition and songwriting. Laced with lush orchestras, warming undertones, and plenty of persona, the record boasts the aesthetic of singer songwriter anthems. 


"In Songs of Feeling, I wanted to create a collection of songs that hopefully has the capacity to be poignant across a lifespan, not just a snapshot in time. I wanted to discuss and share many common but difficult experiences. Each song was written as a way to reflect and process my journey or the journey of others. Whether a song is written about my own or someone else’s experiences, they’re all based on the true stories of myself or someone close to me. This album shares those stories and meaningful interactions to this point, my life in places other than music, and the relationships I am eternally grateful to have shared. Even if fleeting, some of them have made an impact that I’ll carry with me forever. And I’m so excited that my partner, Dennis, made his debut as a songwriter and top liner." explains Anton of the record.

Anton du Preez's musical journey began as a young child as his father was a musician and instilled a love for creativity in Anton and his siblings. What began as singing and playing Fisher Price toy versions of instruments evolved into teaching himself to play piano.  


His father also taught them to write music notes on paper and would play through them for rudimentary feedback on composition.


Anton went to college for formal music training with a focus on vocal performance, as well as trumpet, guitar, piano, and percussion. He also earned a degree in exercise science. 


Since it was difficult for him to decide which career to pursue, he joined the Navy. Afterward, he returned to school and graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 


Like many, Anton was struggling with depression throughout his life, and this was exacerbated by stepping away from music. He returned to school yet again to earn his Masters in Film Composition.


With his rekindled internal joy, he has found a balance between physical therapy and music work as he expands his horizons through freelance and individual pursuits.


The Songs of Feeling album is a testament to where he is with his life and music right now.


The album is available for streaming and download on all major outlets. Anton continues to work on new material for upcoming releases.


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