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With the release of the Mania & Pain EP, Andreas Berndt takes a fresh approach to an alternative pop style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting honesty, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of heavy rock anthems. 


"The true story behind "Mania & Pain" is divided into a metaphorical and
a real level. Metaphorically, I process my ups and downs in
the song, especially after the blows of fate that I and my family have
had to endure in recent years. For me (until two years ago) alcohol
and online addiction were the parts that boosted me up and made me
senselessly powerful, as described in the song, but in the end it only
left me empty.

On a real level, the song also deals with my experiences with someone
very, very close to me who has been suffering from depression and
anxiety for a long time now. The struggle with mental illness and the massive
rollercoaster rides that are mainly triggered by the medication affect
me deeply and have been the main influences for the song,” 


Andreas explains of the meaning behind his single. 

After learning to play piano and church organ at a young age, Andreas Berndt kept his musical journey going by performing in bands with his school mates and writing his own songs as a teenager.

In 2000, the artist released a fantasy concept album called "Beyond" while collaborating with local techno producers to create EDM tracks all at the same time. 

Later, in 2007 Andreas released a track with long-time friend Zascha Moktan called "I know" but after that, things slowed down musically and with the death of fellow musician and best friend, he was stuck creatively.


In 2020 he came back to music releasing the German-language album "Discordia" and waited a few years before attempting and English language release. 

That is until the series Stranger Things inspired him.

Since then, the artist has been perfecting his recording and performance technique and now, with the release of Mania & Pain, he has found a place for himself to stand in the musical world again.

"On the purely technical side, my sound has become much more professional. I have invested a lot of time and effort in learning and bringing the production of the songs to the most professional level possible for me. As I produce all my songs myself, this is very important to me, but I also know that I can and will learn
a lot more.

On the artistic side, my sound has become much more diverse. Overall, I think I'm already at home in rock, especially alternative and indie rock, but the boundaries between genres are becoming more and more
blurred for me. It's no longer important to me to be in a certain niche but to let my own style shine through in different musical areas. I'm working on the fact that at some point people will recognize me through my songs without them necessarily belonging to a certain genre. David Bowie and Queen are my role models in this respect,"  says Andreas of his evolution as an artist.


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