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With the release of the Walk Into The Fire EP, Alien Neighborhood takes a fresh approach to some classic genres and gives the record a life all its own. Laced with addictive progressions, a heavier sonic sound, and an aggressive but catchy vocal approach, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative rock anthems. 

The first single, “mirrors&mirrors&mirrors" immediately grabs you with it's infectious riff, followed by it's building arrangement allowing it to breathe as it plays on.

"The single is about my experience at the pride festival of 2019, and how much it hurt to see all these kids out there with vain and disapproving parents who can't reflect on themselves and instead choose to single their own flesh and blood out simply because they don't understand them. It was crippling, as soon as I got home from the parades I laid on my shower floor for a couple of hours and just thought about it while I let the water melt my skin off. The overall concept is vanity, and how it can destroy relationships. I think vanity is a multi-faceted concept that isn't just limited to selfishness." explains songwriter Jaden William of the single. 

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Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where Alien Neighborhood is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.


"I want every song on this album to break some kind of new ground, I guess. whether it be through songwriting, or musically. and i also want every song to be personal and open; no vague gestures and coded sentences. "mirrors&mirrors&mirrors" was the first song I've written that switches time signatures, and it's got minimal production that still manages to sound full and lush." says William of creating the record.


Alien Neighborhood began in 2016 when songwriter Jaden William decided to hone in on recording and writing new material for catharsis through his art. What came from it was 3 songs detailing different very personal experiences in his life. The multi-instrumentalist performed and  recorded everything for the record himself.  Walk Into The Fire is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 


Walk Into The Fire is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the songwriter is already working on new material for upcoming releases. 


To learn more of Alien Neighborhood, please visit:  https://alienneighborhood.com/