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With the release of "Hear me Now", A Day In Pompeii takes a fresh approach to a melodic metal style. Laced with addictive melodies, vast undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of heavy anthems. 

"It is about having your voice not be heard in situations where it should be. We've all been in that scenario where you feel like what you have to say should be heard and recognized, and either what you have to say is swept under the rug or not acknowledged at all. That type of situation, as well as the feeling of frustration and anger that come from it are what really fueled this song",

- A.D.I.P.

A Day In Pompeii began when a group of people, all performing shows together in different bands, decided to get together and start something new.

"So, all of us were in projects that were either failing, had already failed, or were having trouble taking off. Steve and Jon (guitars) had been writing music for a release, and asked Anna (vocals) to join in. After a bassist fell through, her sister Candy stepped in on bass and backing vocals, and we recently added a new member named Honeycutt to take over her playing duties while she moves over to keyboards.", explains the band of how it all came together. 

After releasing their previous single "Darker Nights", the band pulled all the stops to create "Hear Me Now" and broke down some barriers doing it.

The single serves as a testament to where the band is at with their sound right new. 

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